Bodywork & reconnection

People come to Gilda with a desire and readiness to transform their lives and deepen their connection to their physical bodies.  Through this reconnection they are more able to open to a healing journey.  Some clients are undergoing gender transitions and some seek support during times crisis and upheaval.

Craniosacral clinic 

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Complimentary Wellness Strategy Session

How I can best support you? Let’s have a 30 minute phone call. I’ll ask you some questions about where you are now and how you’d like to feel. I will create a program that will work specifically for you to get you back to feeling more like your amazing self.  Contact me to book yours today.

Thank you to Caleb Arring

I recently sponsored Beyond Gender which is a fabulous podcast and I recommend it to everyone.

Come home to your body.  Change your life.

I hold sacred space for your healing journey.  I create a safe and sacred space for creative self-awareness.  I support you to come into deeper connection with your Self by reconnecting you more deeply to your body.

Each of us holds an innate and infinite potential to know and access right relationship with our own health and healing.  Sometimes internal and external stressors  can make it difficult to get back to that infinite potential.  And although we can get there, sometimes we all need support to reconnect.

I help you let go of the orientation to pain and discomfort and encourage each part part of your body, even each cell, to orient to potency, or a resourced area that moves with ease and feels good.

Support during times of transition

  • gender transitions
  • pre- and post-surgery
  • moving
  • change in work or family
  • life changes
  • dental work

Hours & rates

Find out more about my hours and rates.

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Bodywork, facilitation & health

Gilda is a  biodynamic craniosacral therapist, body worker, facilitator and workshop provider in Victoria Canada.  Gilda has fifteen years of experience working with intergenerational groups as a facilitator and leader. She loves creating space for people to consider and undertake transformational change.   She has a gift for holding space and calling people to come into deeper relationship with their bodies for healing.


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